Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 15 Defibrillator, 12-Lead, AED, Pacing, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, Bluetooth, Version 2, Recertified (ea)

Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 15 Defibrillator, 12-Lead, AED, Pacing, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, Bluetooth, Version 2, Recertified (ea)

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The LIFEPAK® 15 Monitor / Defibrillator delivers. Physio-Control defibrillators have set the standard for over 55 years, and the latest version of the LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator raises the bar. As our most advanced emergency response monitor/defibrillator, the LIFEPAK® 15 device balances sophisticated clinical technologies and supreme ease of use in a device that’s tough enough to stand up to your most challenging environments. Evolving from its original platform, the 15 adds new features—temperature monitoring and external power—to complement existing features which include 360J energy and 12-lead ECG transmission. And that means your team can be even more effective.

A LIFEPAK® device never stands on its own—and the LIFEPAK® 15 monitor is no different. Physio-Control is committed to providing innovative solutions for emergency response care, from first responders to throughout the hospital.

Standard Features:

  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED): When used in AED mode, the LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator is a semiautomatic defibrillator that provides a prompted treatment protocol and ECG analysis using a patented Shock Advisory System (SAS).
  • Color Dual-Mode LCD: With one touch, switch from full-color to high-contrast SunVue mode for the best sunlight viewability in the industry. A large screen (8.4 inches diagonally) and full-color display provide maximum viewability from all angles.
  • Noninvasive Pacing (PAC): Delivering energy through large QUIK-COMBO pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes, the noninvasive pacing feature provides an electrical stimulus to the heart causing cardiac depolarization and myocardial contraction.
  • Electrocardiogram Monitoring (ECG): ECG monitoring allows for identification and interpretation of cardiac rhythms or dysrhythmias and calculation of heart rate.
  • CPR Metronome: When CPR is required during cardiac arrest, the CPR metronome provides audible prompts that guide the user to deliver CPR with proper timing in accordance with the American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council CPR guidelines.
  • Manual Defibrillation: The LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator is capable of providing intra-operative direct defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion with the internal paddles accessory designed for the LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator.
  • Printer: All LIFEPAK 15 devices come standard with a printer for 100 mm paper.

Optional Features Include:

  • SpO2, SpCO, and SpMet Monitoring: When these optional features are installed, the pulse oximeter measures functional oxygen saturation (SpO2), carboxyhemoglobin concentration (SpCO), and methemoglobin concentration (SpMet) in the blood. Continuously monitoring SpO2 can provide an early warning when oxygen saturation is decreasing and can help the clinician act rapidly before the patient develops the later signs of hypoxemia. Previously, the blood parameters SpCO and SpMet could only be obtained from invasive blood gas samples. This new technology assists in identifying the often hidden conditions of carboxyhemoglobinemia (carbon monoxide poisoning) and methemoglobinemia (a condition that impedes delivery of oxygen to the tissues).
  • 12-Lead Electrocardiography (12-Lead): The 12-lead ECG offers paramedics and emergency physicians significant advantages over the single lead ECG trace typically available in EMS. The 12-lead ECG not only provides a diagnostic quality ECG for use in the detection of ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), but also allows the knowledgeable paramedic to determine the area of myocardial injury, anticipate associated potential complications, and implement treatment strategies accordingly. In addition, the 12-lead ECG provides a baseline for serial ECG evaluations.
  • Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitor (NIBP): Measures blood pressure using the oscillometric measurement technique to determine systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressures, and pulse rate. The measurement can be initiated manually or set to recur automatically at predetermined intervals.
  • Vital Sign and ST Segment Trend (Trend): The trends feature of the LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator provides the ability to graphically display and document the patient’s vital signs and ST segment measurements for up to eight hours.
  • End-Tidal CO2 (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitoring:The end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) monitor is a capnometric device that uses non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy to continuously measure the amount of CO2 during each breath and report the amount present at the end of exhalation (EtCO2). The sample is obtained by the side stream method and can be used with intubated or nonintubated patients. Carbon monoxide monitoring capabilities can also be added.
  • Invasive Pressure Monitoring (IP): This feature is intended for measuring arterial, venous, intracranial, and other physiological pressures using an invasive catheter system with a compatible transducer.
  • Bluetooth: Easily connect to ePCR and other systems so information flows to where it’s needed by turning on the Bluetooth with the touch of a button.


Product Brochure


  • Carry Case with Side Pouches
  • (2) Batteries
  • Operator's Guide pdf
  • Letter of Re-Certification
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • *All accessories needed for operation based on configuration