Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 12 Biphasic Defibrillator (multiple options)

Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 12 Biphasic Defibrillator (multiple options)

Brand: Physio-Control
Item Number: LP12B3A R
Condition: Recertified
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The LIFEPAK® 12 Defibrillator / Monitor is a multi-parameter device that combines semi-automated and manual defibrillation with capnography, external pacing, 12-lead electrocardiography and other monitoring functions. Its platform is upgradeable, allowing customers to add new parameters as their needs change and as new features are introduced.


  • Available with ADAPTIV™ biphasic technology
  • Compact & portable
  • Paddle preference -- your choice of standard paddles, pediatric paddles, and/or sterilizable internal & external paddles
  • Compatible with QUIK-COMBO® pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes
  • Easy, simple, and affordable upgrades
  • Guidance for compliance with HIPAA Security Standards for a Covered Entity available
  • Completely customizable
  • Masimo SET® pulse oximetery offers accurate and stable oxygen saturation monitoring
  • Oscillometric noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitoring with artifact rejection and automatic measurement modes
  • End-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) monitor for both intubated and nonintubated patients with patented Microstream®, capnography technology and FilterLine® accessories that operate smoothly even in high humidity
  • GE Marquette 12SL™ ECG analysis program provides industry-standard interpretation so you can make treatment decisions with confidence
  • Vital signs trending allows for rapid evaluation of changes in patient condition
  • Cardiac condition and risk are easily tracked. ST-segment deviation is measured every 30 secondsTwo channels of invasive pressure monitoring with waveforms and numerics displayed, interfaces with a variety of transducers
  • Bluetooth wireless communication for transmission of 12-lead ECG and patient data


Product Brochure

Operator's Manual

Accessories Guide


  • Carry Case with Side Pouches *included with some models
  • (2) Batteries
  • Operator's Guide
  • Letter of Re-Certification
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • *All accessories needed for operation based on configuration