ZOLL® Power Infuser® Fluid Resuscitation Pump, Recertified

Brand: ZOLL
Item Number: 8700-0600-01 R
Condition: Recertified
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The ZOLL® Power Infuser® is the first portable electronic infusion pump designed specifically for the management of IV fluid and blood. Small, durable and easy to use, it is your assistant at the scene of an accident, during transport, or in the hospital.

At ZOLL®, we believe that products and solutions that encompass multiple facets of resuscitation, and work as a system, help improve survival rates. It is this unique perspective that makes us an innovator in the area of fluid resuscitation.

Controlled Delivery

Improve adherence to protocols; ensure adequate, but not excessive, hydration.

Whether restoring intravascular volume during circulatory compromise, infusing a bolus during hemodynamic assessment, or rapidly delivering therapeutic and clinically appropriate IV fluids, the Power Infuser allows unprecedented control of fluid administration. Adjust flow rates from 0.2 to 6 liters per hour or activate the automated 250cc bolus feature.

Occlusion Detection

Don’t let a blown IV site or kinked line go unnoticed.

With a unique downstream occlusion sensor, the Power Infuser responds to excessive resistance in the fluid path by switching to standby and activating an alarm. Head off complications that could arise from subcutaneous fluid build-up or an interruption in fluid flow.

Patient Management

An extra hand when you need it most.

Battlefield injuries. Mass casualty events. Critical care transport. Pre-hospital therapy. Provide life-saving fluid resuscitation easily when a lack of personnel or room to elevate the bag impedes treatment. Avoid accidental infusion of air with unique membranes built into each crystalloid/colloid pump cartridge. This 12-ounce AAA-battery-powered pump helps restore order to the chaos of today’s emergency events.

Power Infuser, Model M100B-3A:

The Power Infuser® Model M100B-3A is a miniature pump intended for continuous or intermittent administration of therapeutic and clinically appropriate intravenous fluids, blood and packed red blood cells through clinically acceptable access points. It is intended for use by medical, paramedical and EMT personnel in the field and in pre-hospital and hospital environments.

Crystalloid / Colloid Pump Cartridge and IV set:

A unique cartridge with air elimination membranes that when used with the Power Infuser is intended to deliver crystalloid and colloid resuscitative fluids. It is not intended to support the infusion of blood or blood products.

Blood Pump Cartridge and IV set:

A unique cartridge that when used with the Power Infuser is intended to deliver crystalloid and colloid resuscitative fluids, whole blood, and packed red blood cells at the clinically desired temperature.


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