ZOLL Base PowerCharger 4x4, Recertified

Brand: ZOLL
Item Number: Z4X4 R
Condition: Chargers / AdaptersRecertified
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ZOLL Base PowerCharger 4x4

The ZOLL Base PowerCharger™ 4x4is a battery charger and testing system designed for management of PD 4410/Smart/Smart Ready Battery and all XL Battery packs used in ZOLL Medical Corporation resuscitation devices. The ZOLL Base PowerCharger 4x4 (with QuickCharge or AutoTest) provides four battery charging/testing compartments. Up to four battery packs may be charged or tested in any combination at one time.

The ZOLL Base PowerCharger 4x4 with AutoTest automatically tests battery capacity with each battery recharge. In addition, the ZOLL Base PowerCharger 4x4 with AutoTest illuminates the Batt. Ready indicator when the battery is fully charged and capable of powering an M Series equipped with Pace/Defibrillation and Pulse Oximetry (SpO2) for approximately 1.5 hours in Monitor mode. Fully charged batteries whose capacity is insufficient will cause the FAULT light to illuminate. With AutoTest, the full charging cycle is complete in eight (8) hours or less for the PD 4410/Smart/ Smart Ready Battery, and fifteen (15) hours or less for all XL Batteries. The AutoTest feature virtually eliminates the need to periodically test battery capacity since this test is performed each time a battery is recharged.




- AC Power Cord

- Letter of Re-Certificaiton

- Operator's Guide

- 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor