Zevex EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump, Recertified

Zevex EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump, Recertified

Brand: Zevex
Item Number: ZELIEFP R
Condition: DevicesMedical DevicesRecertified
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Improving Enteral Therapy Through Better Feeding Schedule Compliance

The EnteraLite® Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump allows both pediatric and adult tube fed patients the ability to maintain a normal lifestyle, resulting in increased compliance with prescribed feeding regimens.

Accurate:Maintains +/- 5% accuracy at any flow rate and when operated in any orientation, allowing patients to comply exactly with prescribed feeding regimens.

Portable: Weighing less than 1 pound, the pump is easily carried in a custom-designed carry pack for extended use, resulting in fewer limitations to a patient's normal lifestyle and increased feeding schedule compliance.

Rugged:Designed to perform consistently well under a wide variety of conditions. Does not require any regularly scheduled maintenance and can be cleaned by simply rinsing under running water.

Easy to Use: Extremely easy to operate and program, allowing the caregiver the ability to focus on other areas of care.


  • Operates in any orientation
  • Bolus, continuous, and intermittent feeding programs
  • Selectable flow rates from 0.1 ml/hr to 600 ml/hr
  • 24-hour battery
  • +/- 5% accuracy


  • Size: 4.05" (10.3 cm) H x 5.65" (14.4 cm) W x 1.95" (4.9 cm) D
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces (408 g)
  • Flow Rate Range: 0.1 - 600 ml/hr
  • Flow Rate Increment: 0.1 ml/hr from 0.1 - 10 m/hr, 1 ml/hr from 10 - 600 ml/hr
  • Accuracy: +/- 5%
  • Dose Range: 0.1 ml - 3000 ml or infinite dose
  • Dose Increment: 0.1 ml from 0.1 - 10 ml, 1 ml from 10 - 3000 ml
  • Battery: Lithium Ion, 24 hour life @ 125 ml/hr
  • Battery Charge Time: 6 hours
  • Operating Orientation: Any
  • Maintenance: No annual maintenance or calibration required
  • Cleaning: Washable under running water

Please note the following cautions when using the EnteraLite® Infinity® Enteral Feeding Pump:

It is important to keep the air sensor free of debris including spilled fluids or food that may adhere to the sensor and prevent detection of air in the tubing. Use a cotton swab to clean the pathways of the cassette receptacle. (Refer to the Operator’s Manual for further cleaning instructions).

When using a programmed dose, infinite dose or interval feeding setting, the volume of food in the bag/bottle should be monitored throughout the feeding cycle to ensure the appropriate dose has been received by the patient.



Includes: AC Charger, Pole Clamp Assy, Operator's Guide, Letter of Re-Certification, 12-Month Warranty