T POD Pelvic Stabilization Device, Orange

Brand: teleflex
Item Number: TPOD-OR
Condition: ImmobilizationSplints
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T POD Pelvic Stabilization Device, Orange

The T-POD® Pelvic Stabilization Device from Pyng is a rapid and effective device for treating pelvic trauma, pain, and bleed-out while preventing loss of life. With its patented circumferential tightening mechanism, T-POD® is the only external fixation device shown in independent clinical studies to be equivalent to a surgical procedure in achieving stabilization, while also mitigating patient discomfort. T-POD® is used extensively by civilian first responders in motor vehicle accidents and by medics on the battlefield, especially in incidents involving improvised explosive devices.

T-POD® Advantages

  • Complete: Specially engineered pulley system ensures even pelvic compression and stabilization
  • Easy: Single-handed tightening with no straining
  • Adjustable: One size fits most physiologies, easily trimmed for custom fit; two can be secured together for obese patients
  • Flexible: Non-metal fabric belt
  • Compatible: 100% radiolucent, X-ray, CT, and MRI compatible
  • Safe: Latex-free