Stryker® Power-LOAD™ Cot Fastener System, Recertified

Stryker® Power-LOAD™ Cot Fastener System, Recertified

Brand: Stryker
Item Number: 6390 R
Condition: DevicesMedical DevicesPatient StretcherRecertifiedTrusted Brands
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The Stryker® Power-LOAD™ Cot Fastener System, Model 6390, lifts and lowers the cot into and out of the ambulance, reducing spinal loads and the risk of cumulative trauma injuries. Our Power-LOAD Cot Fastener System improved operator and patient safety by supporting the cot throughout the loading and unloading process. The reduction in spinal load helps prevent cumulative trauma injuries. Power-LOAD wirelessly communicates with Power-PRO cots for ease of operation and maximum operator convenience.

Product Details:

  • Eliminates the need to steer the cot into and out of the ambulance
  • Minimizes patient drops by supporting the cot until the wheels are on the ground
  • Meets SAE J3027 dynamic crash test safety standards
  • Features an easy-to-use manual back-up system, allowing complete operation in the event of power loss
  • Lifts or lowers the cot into and out of the ambulance, eliminating spinal loads that can result in cumulative trauma injuries
  • 90-Day Full Parts & Labor Warranty


  • Lifting arms
  • Head end lock LED indicators
  • Control panel
  • Cot release handles
  • Foot end lock LED indicator
  • Linear transfer system
  • Inductive charging
  • Operation guide
  • Includes floor plate and installation hardware 


  • Overall Length: 95" (241 cm).
  • Minimum Length: 89.5" (228 cm).
  • Width: 24.5" (62 cm).
  • Total Weight: 211.5 lb (96.5 kg).
  • Floor Plate Assembly: 16.5 lb (7.5 kg).
  • Anchor Assembly: 23 lb (10.5 kg).
  • Transfer Assembly: 67 lb (30.5 kg).
  • Trolley Assembly: 105 lb (48 kg).
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 700 lb (318 kg).
  • Minimum Operator Required: Occupied Cot: 2 / Unoccupied Cot: 1
  • Recommended Loading Height: 22 to 36" (56 to 91 cm)
  • Battery: 12 VCD, 5 Ah lead acid battery (#6390-001-468)


The Power-LOAD is compatible with the Power-PRO XT and Power-PRO IT. This system meets dynamic crash test standards for maximized occupant safety and will automatically charge the Power-PRO XT and Power-PRO IT SMRT battery.


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