SSCOR S-SCORT® III Portable Suction Unit (ea)

SSCOR S-SCORT® III Portable Suction Unit (ea)

Brand: SSCOR, Inc.
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S-SCORT® III Portable Suction Unit
Rugged, Reliable, and Economical

The S-SCORT® IIIwas first introduced in July of 1991 and has proven itself to be a durable, reliable, and economical EMS suction device. While the S-SCORT III has evolved and improved it maintains all of the characteristics that make it the standard in many EMS agencies.

The S-SCORT III is well suited for today's EMS environment! It provides all of the power and versatility necessary to quickly and effectively clear an airway, weighs only 7 pounds and is economical to purchase and maintain.

Even though the device weighs only 7 pounds, it has proven that it can stand up to the rigors of the most active EMS service. The components of the S-SCORT III are encased in protective foam for exceptional protection and durability.

The S-SCORT III delivers >30 LPM clinical airflow and vacuum is regulated by a two position regulator, allowing the operator to choose between full power (>525mmHg) and reduced power (120mmHg +/- 15%) for endotracheal and pediatric suction procedures.

The device is powered by an internal sealed lead acid battery, which is maintained by an AC/DC charger or a DC power cord.

The S-SCORT III is shipped “ready to use”, and the built in pouch accommodates patient tubing, catheters and other supplies.

Features & Specifications


  • Lightweight, durable portable suction device
  • Vinyl coated nylon over foam construction
  • Inexpensive to purchase and maintain
  • Powered by rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries
  • >30 LPM clinical airflow
  • Two position regulator providing a vacuum selection of >525mmHg or 120mmHg +/- 15%
  • 1 year warranty


>30 lpm clinical airflow, > 525 mmHg vacuum
Dimensions: 8"H x 7"W x 11"L (20.3cmH x 17.8cmW x 27.9cmL)
Weight: 7 lbs. (3.18 Kgs.)
Power Source: Internal Battery or DC power cord connected to vehicle
Battery Run Time: 30-45 minutes when fully charged
Charger: 115V AC to 12V DC fixed voltage
Chassis: Durable closed cell foam and vinyl wipe down fabric
Regulator: Two position


Product Brochure



Fixed Voltage Charger, DC Cable, canister, 2m patient tube, HiD® suction tip and CD manual.