Sims Deltec / Smiths Medical CADD Pump Security Key (ea)

Item Number: 21-2185-51
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Sims Deltec / Smiths Medical CADD® Security Key (ea). For use with all CADD® pumps.

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Reorder# Description
21-2185 Pump Security Key
21-3800 External Power Source (EPS) System
21-3801 Power Pack with Rechargeable, Replaceable Battery. AC adapter required for use.
21-3802 Ni-MH Replacement Battery. For use with 21-3800 and 21-3801 power pack.
21-3815 AC Adapter
21-3820 Desktop AC Adapter
21-5814 Remote Dose Cord
21-6110 Battery Door
21-6120 Lockable Polemount Bracket. Slides into recess on the polemount bracket adapter or lockbox to allow pole mounting of pump or pump and security shell. Pump can be locked to bracket and bracket locked to pole using pump key. Compatible with CADD®-Solis and CADD-Prizm® pumps.