Silver Series DS45-11 Integrated Aneroid | DuraShock™

Brand: Welch Allyn
Item Number: DS45-11
Condition: BP CuffsDiagnostic EquipmentDiagnosticsDiagnostics & Monitoring
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Welch Allyn’s Silver Series DS45 Integrated Aneroid is the most diverse and robust aneroid on the market today. Lightweight and compact this aneroid boasts several useful features. From DuraShock™ technology to a cuff-mounted backing for convenient readings, this aneroid has it all.

Easily clip the gauge to a blood pressure cuff, get your reading, and then unclip to take on the go. The gauge rotates a full 360° for easy viewing and accurate readings from any angle. No more need to worry about small drops. The DS45 gauge can be dropped up to 30” with no harm. That meets AAMI’s standard shock resistant requirement. This will keep the calibration more accurate for longer periods of time through harsh punishment resulting in fewer calibrations and keeping your pockets full. Features:
  • Integrated Cuff Design
  • DuraShock™ Technology
  • Laser-engraved Dial Face For Accuracy
  • Latex Free
  • 10-year Calibration Warranty