SAM Chest Seal without Valve

SAM Chest Seal without Valve

Item Number: SC062011
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The SAM® Chest Seal is an occlusive dressing designed to treat open chest wounds, a life-threatening situation that could lead to tension pneumothorax. This is the second-leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield.

The SAM® Chest Seal answers the long-standing need for an adhesive strong enough to adhere to skin that is subject to sweat, blood, hair, sand, or water. The featured hydrogel adhesive also allows for the ability to reseal, making it ideal for venting.

The SAM® Chest Seal addresses other military needs including a large coverage area, night vision optimization and the inclusion of a highly and rapidly absorbent 5ʺ × 9ʺ pad to help clean the wound.

The SAM® Chest Seal is available with or without valve. The valved version features a one-way valve when its cap is removed. This provides for low-resistance flow of air out of the chest cavity while preventing ingress. The valve is also designed to prevent blockage internally. With the cap in place, the dressing is occlusive.

The vacuum-sealed pouch has tear notches at each side, but can also be peeled to provide the medic with a sterile field. For use in global combat zones, the SAM® Chest Seal is optimized for night vision. Both the packaging and chest seal can be seen under no light conditions with the use of a night vision device. The SAM Chest Seal is proudly made in the U.S.A.

  • Latex free & Non-allergenic
  • Oval shape maximizes surface area
  • Works under extreme heat and cold
  • Transparent
  • Strong gel adheres in the presence of blood, hair, sweat and sand, or when submersed in water
  • Optional one-way valve
  • Sterile
  • Dual tabs for placement and removal
  • Night vision optimized
  • Thin edge layer resists lifting or peeling
  • Ability to reseal/vent