Sager Infant Bilateral Traction Splint

Sager Infant Bilateral Traction Splint

Brand: Sager
Item Number: MRDS300
Condition: Immobilizationpediatric immobilizationSplints
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Sager’s Infant Bilateral traction splint is the only traction splint available on the world market that treats infants and children up to age six. The S300 eliminates the risk of overtraction and its detrimental effects to epiphyseal growth centers, knee edema as well as excessive distraction of bone ends. Pediatric patients receive the same care as an adult – with the correct equipment sized for a child! The S300 features Sager’s standard Quantifiable, Dynamic Traction Syste™ (measured on the S300 Traction Wheel) ’ which permits you to document exactly how much traction you have applied to your patient. The dynamic function permits the traction to decrease as the spasm releases. Stainless steel construction ensures years of use. Comes complete with all accessories required for use.