Rescuer® Emergency CPAP System (multiple options)

Item Number: BLS-8700-02
Condition: AirwayCPAPCPAP & Oxygen KitsCPAP Units
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Stay up to date with the newest and most trust worthy technology. This state of the art, non-invasive ventilator, was designed and developed by BLS Systems with everything in mind starting with the operator and finishing with the patient. The Rescuer Emergency CPAP System’s controlled airway pressure provides rapid relief for maximum patient benefit with minimal oxygen consumption.

Key Features:

  • Nebulizer Take-off Port to Attach Nebulizer Tubing
  • Adjustable PEEP Valve
  • Medication Port
  • Anti-suffocation Valve
  • High Quality CPAP Masks with Adjustable Forehead Pads
  • 360° Swivel Elbow

Key Benefits:

  • Low Cost and Completely Disposable
  • Extremely Efficient Resulting in Prolonged Cylinder Life (5 LPM)
  • Filtration on both Inhale & Exhale
  • Allows Medication Delivery
  • Deliver CPAP with Nebulized Medications Using a Single Oxygen Source