Eitan Q Core Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy Infusion System, Recertified (ea)

Brand: Eitan Medical
Item Number: 15031-000-0028 R
Condition: DevicesMedical DevicesRecertified
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More Simplicity. More Performance. More Care.

Do what you do best – care for your patients. With the Sapphire infusion system, you can. Thanks to its unique patented technology, innovative design and intuitive touch screen, the Sapphire pump helps you deliver exceptional care. And, without hard keys to limit software updates, and a design with future functionality in mind, the Sapphire infusion system provides excellent opportunity for growth.

More Focus on Your Patients*

The Sapphire infusion system creates opportunities to reduce the time needed to administer medication, which could give you more time to spend with your patients.

  • Reduce time spent starting an infusion:
    • Ready at rapid speeds
    • Easy to program or choose pre-set options
    • Snap-on/snap-off mounting
    • Quick priming capabilities
  • Know-at-a-glance infusion parameters with a large screen central display
  • Rechargeable batteries with up to 24 hours of use (@125 mL/hr)

More Confidence*

Your confidence – our measure of performance

  • Unique pumping system design:
    • Cassette door not integral to pumping process
    • Precise infusing at ± 2.5% accuracy†
    • Free flow protection – hardware- and set-based
  • Durable construction lessens likelihood of pump failure
    • Resistant to fluid and dust ingress (IP24)
    • Fewer than 175 parts
    • Lexan housing (same material used in football helmets)
  • Multiple authorization levels help ensure greater safety
    • Upstream/downstream occlusion sensors can detect as little as 0.02 mL of air in line
    • Extensive event history log (8,000 events) for infusion history and troubleshooting
    • Built-in pre-set programs, drug library with hard/soft limits (PCA, epidural delivery modes)

More Intuitive*

Your workflow just got easier with an infusion pump designed to work as you do.

  • Simple, straightforward, easy-to-read, color touch screen
    • Human-factors driven design for seemingly effortless set-up, programming and readability
    • Easy maintenance including remote annual pump certification to help ensure pump performance
    • Mandatory confirmation screens shown together on a single view
    • Full range of non-DEHP sets
    • Available in Multi-Therapy or Epidural configurations

More Support

Your mission is to deliver the best medication therapy. Ours is to help make it possible. We understand that improving medication management is an ongoing process that requires training, service, support and upgrades. At ICU Medical, we are committed to ensuring a successful implementation process and ongoing service and optimization.

  • Operational Expertise
    • Our highly skilled project management teams help assemble your implementation plan
  • Extensive Support
    • An interdisciplinary team of pharmacists, nurses, account managers and field service engineers help train your staff, and service and support the system

* Claims presented as compared to GemStar™ infusion system
† Subject to external conditions such as tubing, rate, bag position relative to the pump, humidity and temperature

Alternate item number(s) 17000-028-0072


Product Brochure

User Manual


  • AC Charger
  • Mini Cradle with Pole Clamp
  • Operator's Manual *pdf download
  • Letter of Recertification
  • 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor