Portex Soft Seal Laryngeal Mask

Portex Soft Seal Laryngeal Mask

Brand: Smiths Medical
Item Number: SM220200-01
Condition: AirwayIntubationLaryngeal Masksspecialty tubes
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The Portex® Soft Seal® Laryngeal Mask features the exclusive Soft Seal® Cuff which is less permeable to nitrous oxide than that of re-usable masks, reducing increase in pressure and minimising potential trauma. The cuff, combined with the higher atrium, helps to provide an improved seal. The Portex® Soft Seal® Laryngeal Mask is designed to avoid the risk of blockage without the need for obstructive epiglottis bars, allowing easy access for flexible fibre optic devices and fibre optic-guided placement of endotracheal tubes. Product Features: Clear tubing. Easy identification of correct placement, Higher atrium contributes to a better seal, Soft Seal®cuff. Less permeable to nitrous oxide, Atraumatic tip to reduce the risk of trauma, No epiglottis bars. Aids the insertion of fibre optics and introducers, 15mm connector, Non-return valve, Printed pilot balloon, Integrated pilot line.