Physio-Control® QUIK-COMBO® REDI-PAK® Adult Electrode Pads (1 Pair)

Item Number: 11996-000017
Condition: Electrodes / PadsMedical DevicesMonitoring Electrodes
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Physio-Control® QUIK-COMBO® REDI-PAK® Adult Electrode Pads. The REDI-PAK® pre-connect system allows electrode pad connection prior to use without breaking the package seal. Saves valuable time at patient arrival. Allows electrode pads to be pre-connected which eliminates time-consuming electrode pad changes and promotes continuity of patient care. *For use with: LIFEPAK® 12; LIFEPAK® 15; LIFEPAK® 20; LIFEPAK® 500; LIFEPAK® 1000.

When it comes to defibrillation electrode pads, efficacy, patient comfort and ease of use are vital to defibrillation/cardioversion and positive patient outcomes. The EDGE System electrode pads with REDI-PAK® lets customers receive the best technology available on all counts. Lead length 42".