Philips HeartStart® MRx, Recertified

Brand: Philips Medical
Condition: Recertified
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The first advanced networked transport monitor/defibrillator

Meaningful innovation in emergency care

Every day you save lives, and every day Philips HeartStart MRx and data management solutions offer advances that matter to you. HeartStart MRx has always been packed with innovative functionality. As the first advanced networked

monitor/defibrillator, HeartStart MRx incorporates many of the same algorithms, patient connections, and configuration choices as Philips premier bedside monitors.

STEMI Decision Support tools to help guide patient care when time is critical
We’ve enhanced our unique Discovery-to-Treatment approach to STEMI to provide you with cutting-edge STEMI Decision Support tools and reliable, cost-effective transmission capabilities from the pre-hospital team to your emergency department, chest pain observation center, or cath lab. Whether your hospital is in an urban setting or a rural environment, whether you have PCI or not, Philips has the right triage tools to speed appropriate care for suspected STEMI and N-STEMI patients.

Philips offers:

  • A complete STEMI solution from 12-lead transmission pre-hospital to cardiographs in the emergency department and cath lab solutions, all to benefit more seamless patient care
  • The enhanced DXL 12-lead ECG algorithm with detection of the STEMI Culprit Artery (CA), as well as enhanced criteria to better recognize and interpret cardiac symptoms in women
  • Critical Values to highlight life-threatening conditions requiring immediate clinical attention

Advancing real-time CPR measurement feedback with Q-CPR Philips, along with partner Laerdal Medical, innovated Q-CPR™ for CPR measurement and feedback tool. In your hands, Q-CPR has helped save many lives. With the introduction of next-generation Q-CPR, you’re equipped with meaningful enhancements, such as the award-winning Q-CPR meter, configurable “voice prompts off” when silence is best, and visual feedback that is displayed directly on the meter and right by the caregiver’s hands. Open data management is all about your data Philips offers EMS an open systems approach to data management and connectivity that lets you manage your workflow as you desire. We offer Periodic Clinical Data Transmission of vitals and waveforms along with the 12-lead ECG, allowing EMS caregivers to send advance notification to the hospital using objective data for a range of critical care patients: trauma, stroke, pediatric, and cardiac, which can foster a higher level of collaboration among pre-hospital and hospital teams.


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