Philips HeartStart® FR2 / FR2+ AED Replacement Battery (ea) ***DISCONTINUED ITEM PER MFR***

Brand: Philips Medical
Item Number: M3863A
Condition: Batteries
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*For replacement battery see item number M3863A AM

Non-Rechargeable Replacement Long-Life Battery for the Philips FR2 and FR2+ AED's. Fresh-dated for maximum life. Philips brand AEDs operate on batteries only. Always have a fully charged spare.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery type: 12 Volt DC, 4.2 Ah, lithium manganese dioxide. Disposable, long-life primary cell.
  • Capacity: When new, a minimum of 300 shocks or 12 hours of operating time at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C).
  • Shelf life (prior to installation): Usually 5 years from date of manufacture when stored under standby environmental conditions in original packaging.
  • Standby life (after installation): Usually 5 years. >4 years when stored under standby environmental conditions (battery installed, FR2+ unused).
  • Storage temperature: 32 degrees to 109 degrees F (0 degrees to 43 degrees C).
  • Shipping temperature: -4 degrees to +140 degrees F (-20 degrees to +60 degrees C).
  • Battery limitations: Per battery labeling, never charge, short circuit, puncture, deform, incinerate, heat above 60 degrees C, or expose contents to water. Remove the Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+ Battery Pack from your AED when discharged.