PediaTape Pediatric Emergency Tape (ea)

PediaTape Pediatric Emergency Tape (ea)

Brand: Generic
Item Number: 124459
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Discover PediaTape’s color-coded and laminated pediatric emergency tape. Easily determine the exact mLs for the most exact resuscitation medication concentrations by using the vibrant color codes to determine the patient weight and length. With the new wider and single sided design, the PediaTape allows for quick and efficient identification without having to flip back and forth!


  • Single Sided
  • Vibrant & Easily Identifiable Colors
  • Accurate mLs
  • Color Lengths Based on the US CDC 2007 NHANES Data Set
  • Compatible with Most-Recent Broselow Tape™
  • A fast emergency dosing reference. Alphabetical and easy to read.
  • Corresponds with the Broselow system. Compatible color coding, lengths, dosing, medications and equipment.
  • Up-to-date. Uses PALS guidelines released in October 2020.
  • Comprehensive equipment settings.
  • Weight-based, length-based and age-based lookup.
  • Conversion table from pounds to kg.
  • Durable. Safe to disinfect with medical equipment cleaners.
  • Proven. Used by thousands of EMS practitioners for almost a decade. Sold by medical distributors directly to hospitals and EMS.
  • More medications, equipment and concentrations than on competing products.