CleanSafety® Superb Blue Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves, BX/100 (multiple options)

Brand: Clean Safety
Item Number: CS4601
Condition: Medical GlovesNitrile Disposable Gloves
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CleanSafety® Superb Blue Nitrile gloves are made by soft stretchy formula and new THIN technology. These gloves provide superb comfort feeling and dependable protection. These gloves offer the comfort feeling like latex gloves, meanwhile eliminated the risk of latex allergy. Features a finger textured surface for enhanced gripping in wet or dry conditions. Our gloves are made from 100% nitrile, a synthetic compound that is completely free of skin-irritating rubber proteins.

CleanSafety® Nitrile offers all the benefits of a nitrile glove plus it's safe for use with chemotherapy drugs.

*These gloves comply with ASTM 5250 as Medical Examination Grade. According to ISO 2859, G-II, multiple sampling plan for normal inspection, AQL 1.5.

*These gloves are manufactured from materials which fully comply with FDA Rule 177.1950 for food contact and FDA rule 110.10 GMP for food handling.

**These gloves are manufactured with synthetic rubber which eliminates exposure to natural rubber and reduces the potential risk of a latex protein reaction.

***These gloves are ideal for jobs requiring exceptional tactile sensitivity.



Soft and Stretchy Formula

Excellent tactical sensitivity ad comfortable fit

Alternative to Latex (LATEX FREE)

Better chemical barriers than latex gloves

CHEMO drugs contact tested

Appropriate for handling cytotoxic chemicals

Textured surface on fingers

Ensures a safe grip, even in a wet environment

Manufactured without natural rubber

Eliminates exposure to latex   


Eliminates aerosolization of glove powder