MTP IV Infusion Pump, Model 1001, Recertified

Item Number: 660001 R
Condition: Recertified
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For durability and reliable performance in all types of inside or outside environments, the MTP(Medical Technology Products) is manufactured utilizing U.S. Military Standards for workmanship and electronic component selection. The MTP's minimal electronic controls (switches) provides quick, simple and user friendly pump set up and operation. Regardless of the operational environment's ambient light, the pump will brightly display all pump modes and alarm messages. The pump will operate for up to 8 hours on its rechargeable battery, and for added operational flexibility, it may be powered (while recharging its battery) from either an AC electrical power source or from a vehicle's DC electrical power source. The DC electrical power source must be 12 volts or greater.

Easy to operate with self test and user prompting. Separate inputs for rate and volume; rates 0.1 to 499.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments. Alarms for flow, air, occlusion, tamper and KVO switchover when infusion is complete. May be used with syringe. Operates up to 8 hours on gel cell battery. Includes charger and IV pole clamp. 4 inch x 4 inch x 7 inch. Weighs 4 pounds.

Important Features:

  • The MTP will effectively operate in any position, even when it is at the same level as the solution container.
  • All of the MTP's functions and alarms are controlled by a powerful INTEL® microcomputer.
  • Precise control of the MTP's pumping mechanism by the pump's microcomputer provides for accurate and continuous infusion - no bolusing effect.
  • The MTP has a rotational and detachable mounting clamp which enables the pump to be mounted on IV poles, bed rails, wheel chairs, stretchers, and suitable aircraft structures.
  • The pump's rotary peristaltic pumping action enables the clinician to infuse all types of solutions, regardless of viscosity, as well as, whole blood and blood products.

MTP Specifications and Features:


4"W x 4"H x 7"D , excluding Pole Clamp.


4lbs (without pole clamp)

Pump Type

Rotary Peristaltic

  • Nominal accuracy +5% volume delivered
  • Continuous - no cycling or bolusing

Flow Rates

Model 1001 - 0.1 ml/hr to 499.9ml/hr

Model 1001a - 1ml/hr to 499ml/hr

Infusion Volume Settings

Model 1001 - 1 ml to 999ml

Model 1001a - 1ml to 9999ml

Power Requirements

110-120 VAC, 800mA, 50-60 Hz,

215-220 VAC, 800mA, 40-50 Hz,

12VDC, 800mA

Battery Operation Capacity

Up to 8 hours at any flow rate, provided the battery is fully charged before start up.


6V, rechargeable sealed lead acid, DOT and IATA approved, and UL listed.

Other Specifications

  • UL listed
  • Meets Mil Std. 454(electronic workmanship)
  • Meets RTCA (FAA) DO-160C requirements for aircraft environmental performance standards for altitude, decompression, EMI, RFI, temperature, humidity, and vibration.