Meret® IV MED™ PRO X Startkit (ea)

Brand: Meret
Item Number: MRTM8101DP2-IV-TB
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The IV MED™ PRO X medication/ IV startkit was designed for advanced life support medics as both an IV start kit for adults/ pediatrics as well as a medications kit with complete infection control.

Used by major metropolitan EMS teams and FIRE departments, this kit delivers what you need in an organized pack that fits securely inside the OMNI PRO.  The kit is designed to carry a variety of IV start needles, medications, tourniquets, vacutainers, alcohol prep swabs, tape, Tergaderm packages, up to 1000cc fluid bags or multiple of smaller IV solutions, catheters, syringes, and other IV start supplies. Everything you need, organized, and accessed fast.  Constructed internally and externally from non-absorbing wipe-clean infection control material designed specifically to easily clean and remove blood borne pathogens.