Medi-Trace 450 Foam Electrodes

Medi-Trace 450 Foam Electrodes

Brand: Kendall
Item Number: CAH22450
Condition: Diagnostics & MonitoringElectrodesMonitoring ElectrodesMonitoring Equipment
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Medi-trace® 450 Foam electrodes - widely recognized for value and performance - are adhesive hydro gel adult ECG electrodes ideal for first responder and hospital use. Designed for superior performance including stress, holter and diaphoretic applications.

  • Superior adhesive - effective in challenging monitoring situations with longer adhesion time on patient, reduced monitoring cost per patient and reduced clinician time required.
  • Proprietary conductive adhesive hydro gel - Provides additional adhesion, consistent tracings, no messy residue and stays fresh up to 45 days out of package.
  • High quality thinner foam - Resists fluids and conforms to bony prominences
  • Non-irritating gel formula - Greater patient comfort and reduced clinician time
  • Inpidual electrode pouches - Allows electrodes to be applied to lead wires prior to use
  • Lift tab - Located on one edge facilitates easy removal from release liner and patient.

These Medi-Trace™ ECG electrodes meet or exceed all AMI specifications, including DC offset, AC impedance, defibrillator recovery and dc drift. Note: These Electrodes are NOT Radiolucent for X-Ray use and are NOT rated as "MRI Safe"

Sold by the Case: 20 bags of 50 per case