Kendall™ Meditrace 535 Electrodes (PK/5)

Kendall™ Meditrace 535 Electrodes (PK/5)

Brand: Kendall
Item Number: KEN31115788
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Kendall™ Electrodes, 535 Foam Conductive Adhesive Hydrogel (PK/5)

  • Packaging: 5 Electrodes per Pack, 12 Packs per Box, 10 Boxes per Case
  • Sold by the Pack

Kendall™ 530 series electrodes are designed for superior performance including adult Stress, Holter and Diaphoretic applications. Utilizing a highly aggressive adhesive the Kendall™ 530 electrode is appropriate for the most challenging of monitoring environments. The high quality foam substrate conforms easily to the skin to ensure electrical contact for consistent tracings. The patented conductive adhesive hydrogel provides additional adhesion, leaves no messy residue to clean up and is designed to stay fresh up to 30 days out of the package.