Kendall AV Impulse 6060 SCD (Sequential Compression Device), Recertified

Kendall AV Impulse 6060 SCD (Sequential Compression Device), Recertified

Brand: Kendall
Item Number: 6060 R
Condition: Recertified
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It’s never been easier!
The Kendall 6060 A-V Impulse System® Foot Pump (SCD) is designed to provide the advantages of ambulation to patients who are immobilized. Utilizing a powerful pump formed by the plantar venous plexus in the sole of the foot, the A-V Impulse System®* foot pump imitates the natural sequence of physical venous flow. This unique system has been clinically proven in peer reviewed studies to provide DVT prophylaxis, reduce pain and swelling and enhance arterial blood flow.

    Safety By Design
    • Automatic pressure adjustment assures delivery of the pre-set operating parameters regardless of changes in patient position.
    • Low and high pressure alarms indicate if operating pressures vary from the desired therapeutic range.
    • Automatic venting and shut off occur in the presence of a high pressure alarm situation.

    Ease Of Use
    • Preset to the optimal clinically proven parameters. Operating parameters
    • can be customized to meet individual patient requirements.
    • Easy-to-read pressure display provides constant confirmation of appropriate therapy.
    • Independently operated dual channels.
    • Compact design and integrated bed mount.
    • Clear troubleshooting icons.


    Product Brochure



    • Hose
    • Operator's Guide
    • Letter of Re-Certification
    • 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor