Medline® IV Start Kit with Alcohol (ea)

Brand: Medline
Item Number: DYND74083
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8-Piece IV Start Kit with Two Alcohol Prep Pads, One PVP Prep Pad and Suresite Window.

Medline Sterile Kits were designed to allow clinicians to provide excellent patient care with quality products, while streamlining components, reducing waste, and offering cost-effective supply solutions. Instead of creating storage space for numerous items which are pulled again and again for similar procedures, a convenient Medline sterile Minor Procedure Tray is a single item pulled from a single location. Components are packaged in sequence of use, allowing the clinician to progress efficiently through procedures. Custom options are also available for specialized needs; ask your Medline representative for details.

Single-use trays reduce the cost of in-house hospital assembly and reprocessing. Our trays were designed with the help of medical staff to streamline components and reduce waste. In addition, we maintain cost-efficient operations so that we can pass the savings on to our customer.


  • Medline's IV start kits mean quicker, smoother procedures.
  • Components are assembled, sterilized and packaged to save valuable nursing time.
  • With fewer packages to open, this helps reduce the risk of contamination and there is less waste.
  • Available in a variety of configurations, all include alcohol prep pads and PVP ampules or pads.



    Each IV Start Kit contains:

    • (2) Gauze 2"x2", 4 ply
    • (1) Suresite Window
    • (1) Medfix Transparent Tape, Roll
    • (1) Tourniquet - Latex Free
    • (2) Alcohol Prep Pad
    • (1) PVP Prep Pad
    • (1) Lidded Tray