Harvard 2 Dual Channel Syringe Pump, Recertified

Harvard 2 Dual Channel Syringe Pump, Recertified

Item Number: 2001-001 R
Condition: Recertified
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Fifty years ago Harvard Apparatus invented the syringe pump. After extensive research and development, Harvard Apparatus now brings you the next generation of syringe pumps. Two Independent Pumps in one, the Harvard 2 Syringe Pump features two independent syringe pumps in one housing. Each pump can flow at a separate rate, hold a different size syringe, infuse a different drug, and be connected to 2 different animals or infuse two different solutions into the same animal.

Each Pump Provides

- Accurate delivery of ±3% (excluding syringe variations)
- Flow rates from 0.01 to 1,200 ml/hr
Three infusion modes: Continuous, Continuous with Bolus, and
Dose/Time (for a single volume limit infusion or intermittent infusions). Select from 16 different infusion units.

Syringe Warnings

Syringe Not Captured - The pump will display a syringe icon if the syringe has not been loaded or has been loaded improperly.

Plunger Capture Detection - Audible and visual alarms that warn the users if the syringe plunger is not captured.

Near End of Syringe Warning - When there are 15 minutes remaining before the syringe has to be changed (when running at the displayed rate) the pump will display a warning message and will decrement the remaining time in minutes. Once the syringe is empty, it will sound an audible alarm.

Battery Backup/Operation

Battery Backup- Allows the pump to automatically switch into battery power mode.

Battery Operation- NiCad battery provides 5hrs of power. Recharges in 3 hours at 25C. Reduce Data Recording Time

Infusion History Log Reduces Data Recording Time - The pump details its operational history by keeping a log of the precise time and nature of all changes and alarms for the current and preceding infusion. The log can be viewed on the screen, printed, or downloaded to a monitor or electronic record-keeping system to simplify record keeping.


Bi-Directional Serial Communications - The Harvard 2 Syringe Pump can be controlled remotely from a computer for advanced infusion regimens. Conversely, infusion history can be downloaded to a monitor.


Product Brochure


Includes: AC Power Cord, Operator's Guide, Letter of Re-Certification, 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor