Graseby Omnifuse Syringe Driver, Recertified

Brand: Graseby
Item Number: 0159-0001 R
Condition: DevicesMedical DevicesRecertified
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The widely-varying requirements of today’s health care environment need not mean an ever-increasing number of pump varieties and variants. The Graseby™ (Smiths-Medical) Omnifuse core design philosophy is to provide a single pump which can be used throughout the hospital from intensive care to general wards.

- Bolus Rate Range: 0.1–800ml/h
- Purge Rate Configurable up to: 0 – 800ml/h
- Accuracy Volumetric: ± 2% Linear: ± 0.25% using the Braun Omnifix® 50ml syringe
- Infusion Modes: Continuous, Preset Time, Preset Volume, Intermittent,
Circadian Rhythm
- Occlusion Alarm Thresholds: 5 levels between 180 &1250mmHg
(independent of syringe size)
- Battery Type: Sealed lead acid
- Battery Life: 10 hours (@ 5ml/h) (22°C)
- Battery Charge Time: 10 hours to full charge
- AC Power Supply: 100 – 240V at 50/60Hz 50W
- Weight: 3.5kg (not including pole clamp)
- Dimension: 384 x 170 x 92mm (not including locking pole clamp)
- Fluid Ingress Protection: IPX4
- Electrical Safety Class: 1, Type CF
- Design Standards: EN 60601–1, EN 60601–1-2
- EN 60601–1–4, EN 60601–2–24


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