GE MAC 1600 Resting ECG System, Recertified

GE MAC 1600 Resting ECG System, Recertified

Brand: GE Healthcare
Item Number: GEMAC1600 R
Condition: Recertified
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The MAC™ 1600 Resting ECG System is particularly suited for physicians in offices, clinics and community hospitals.

The GE MAC™ 1600 system can be easily configured to meet the needs of nearly every practice. With quick assessment of the ECG signal quality, the availability of the GE Marquette* 12SL* ECG Analysis Program, and an easy connection to GE CS and MUSE* Information Systems, the new MAC™ 1600 couldn’t be smarter.

The MAC™ 1600 is part of GE’s legacy of innovation in ECG acquisition and analysis with a modern system designed with input from users around the world.

The MAC™ 1600 is designed to offer:

  • Diagnostic confidence through the proven Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program that assists physicians in making appropriate diagnoses and treatment decisions for their patients
  • Simplified workflow through connectivity with MUSE* and CS Information Systems. The MAC 1600’s usability and configuration modes include resting ECG, rhythm and arrhythmia
  • Signal quality with the Marquette Hookup Advisor*. This exclusive GE algorithm goes beyond simple electrical checks to advise clinicians of poor waveform quality during the recording of ECGs.
  • Scalability through a system that adapts to your needs and allows you to add exercise testing, with options for communication and ECG analysis, at any time
  • Easy configuration as the MAC 1600 automatically captures 10-second ECGs with one-touch operation. Additionally, you can select the rhythm ECG mode to continuously review all 12 leads, or the arrhythmia mode for an extended review of arrhythmias or events

Designed with input from users across the globe, the MAC* 1600 features an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface, clear color display and an adaptable configuration.

  • Intuitive – The soft key menu makes patient data entry easy and fast
  • Clear – The 7'' color WVGA gives crystal clear review of the ECG waveform
  • Digital – Onscreen review of your ECG saves paper and costly repeat ECGs
  • Transportable – The MAC 1600 can be easily transported. Its advanced Lithium Ion battery permits three hours of continuous use
  • Disinfection – Hospital-grade keypad allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Secure – The MAC 1600 offers user ID and password protection for patient data privacy, helping you to meet HIPAA requirements


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- ECG Cable
- ECG Clips
- Internal Battery
- Paper
- Power Cord
- Letter of Re-Certification
- 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor