Drager Oxylog® 3000 / 3000 Plus Carrying System (ea)

Brand: Drager
Item Number: 2M86975
Condition: Backpacks & Fanny PacksCarry CasesOxygen Bottle Holders
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Better ventilation performance

This ergonomically designed Carrying System provides an integrated solution for carrying and transporting an Oxylog® 3000 or an Oxylog® 2000 plus and an oxygen cylinder with a minimum of effort. The frame is small and light with rounded corners to prevent any discomfort in carrying.

When a patient is being transpor ted, the complete Carrying System can simply be
hung onto a variety of beds and stretchers or onto standard rails. The bag can be used for storing all kinds of
accessories: the patient ventilation tube can easily be stored in the front bag, even when
already connected to the Oxylog 3000 or to the Oxylog 2000 plus.

To mount the Carrying System in the All-Round Wall Holder, all you have to do is push one handle - nothing could be easier. The Wall Holder also has an integrated automatic power connection so you no longer need to manually connect a DC/DC converter or AC/DC power supply.

With the Automatic Gas Source Switch, automatic switch-over from central gas supply to cylinder operation and vice versa becomes possible, eliminating the need to reconnect gas hoses. During switch-over ventilation continues as normal, thus offering smooth therapy.


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