Disposable SMART-BAG MO BVM w/Timing Light

Disposable SMART-BAG MO BVM w/Timing Light

Item Number: O2M01BM3201-MO-TL-CS-01
Condition: AirwayBag Valve Masks
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O-Two Disposable SMART-BAG® MO complete with Inflated Cuffed Mask, Oxygen Tubing and Timing Lights

The SMART BAG® MO with Inflated Cuffed Mask has been designed to allow the provision of consistent ventilations while almost completely eliminating the risks associated with conventional BVM ventilation. The unique actuating mechanism hidden inside the neck bushing of the SMART BAG® MO actually responds to the rescuer and the patient.


  • Single Use.
  • Available in two models (Adult & Child).
  • Inflatable Cuffed Facemask allows for easy monitoring of skin color, signs of vomitus or body fluids.
  • Complete with Oxygen Reservoir System.
  • Controlled Flowrate.
  • Controlled Airway Pressure.
  • Controlled Ventilation.
  • Reduced Risk of Gastric Insufflation.