Datascope Passport 2 w/Color Display & ETCO2, Recertified

Datascope Passport 2 w/Color Display & ETCO2, Recertified

Brand: Datascope
Item Number: DP2CENSTC R
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Datascope Passport 2 w/Color Display & Mainstream® CO2

The Datascope Passport 2® makes monitoring simple. Rather than rummaging through layers of menus, there’s a Navigator™ knob. For frequently used functions, there are quick-action keys. Three waveforms will automatically reconfigure to six when needed. Colorful numerics automatically re-adjust to maximum size for optimal display visibility. Be amazed at what a difference a truly intelligent interface will make. Who would have thought it possible? A monitor that actually provides more while requiring less.

The Passport 2® is a portable bedside monitor that can be configured to meet the demands of many hospital departments.

The Passport 2® with rechargeable batteries, allows continuous vital signs monitoring during patient transport.


  • Dedicated function keys provide one-touch access to all vital functions
  • Colorful waveforms with automatic display configuration simplify use and enhance display visibility
  • Standard features include six waveforms, auto-adjustable large numerics, 3 or 5-lead ECG, lead-selectable respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, and Masimo SET® motion tolerant SpO2
  • Optional features include arrhythmia analysis, 3-lead ST analysis with trends and alarms, Microstream® CO2, Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2, two invasive blood pressures, and a dual trace recorder
  • View 12™ ECG analysis module offers diagnostic quality 12-lead ECG interpretation with ST and arrhythmia analysis in a compact, easy-to-use module
  • Gas Module 3 offers complete 5-agent auto-ID, CO2, O2 and N2O analysis for comprehensive and reliable gas monitoring
  • Built-in PCMCIA ports allow you to upgrade software, enhance memory, and transfer data with minimal effort
  • Integrated power supply with lithium-ion battery technology provides uninterrupted patient care during transport


  • Exclusive Navigator™ knob and dedicated function keys make the Passport 2 unprecedented in its ease-of-use
  • With a 10.4 inch color TFT display and auto adjustable large numerics, Passport 2 offers maximum visibility
  • Six waveforms with automatic waveform display configuration simplifies use and enhances display management
  • Standard features include 6 waveforms, 3 or 5-lead ECG with ESU noise rejection, leadselectable respiration, NIBP, Masimo SET® motion tolerant SpO2 and temperature
  • Many optional features available including arrhythmia analysis, Microstream® ETCO2, Nellcor® SpO2, dual invasive pressures, 3-lead ST analysis with trends and
  • alarms, and dual trace recorder
  • List and graph trends store up to 120 patient time measurements - expandable to 500 entries with extended memory
  • Upgrade software, enhance memory, and transfer data with minimal effort using PCMCIA ports
  • Using the View 12™ Analysis Module, print diagnostic quality 12-lead ECG data to a laser printer
  • Base Station docking device offers instant connectivity to various peripheral devices
  • 5-agent gas analysis available with optional Gas Module SE™
  • Network to Panorama™ Central Station for continuous data storage

The Gas Module SE adds state-of-the-art gas monitoring and analysis capabilities to the Datascope Passport 2 vital signs monitors. The Gas Module SE with optional Spirometry measures airway pressures and lung volumes directly at the patient’s airway. This data, along the loops and numeric data that you need can be displayed on the Spectrum OR™. The Gas Module SE is a breath-by-breath gas analyzer, designed to meet the comprehensive anesthesia monitoring requirements of any veterinary hospital or clinic.

Gas Module SE


Compact and light weight; provides identification and quantification of:

- O2
- CO2
- N2O
- Halothane
- Isoflurane
- Sevoflurane
- Desflurane
- Enflurane

Fully integrated into Passport 2®, Spectrum and Spectrum OR user-interface and displays. Breath-by-breath Fast O2, CO2 and N2O monitoring with automatic or manually controlled measurement of five anesthetic agents. In addition, MAC values can be displayed on the Spectrum OR. Optional Spirometry measures patient’s airway pressures and lung volumes. The numeric data and loops can be displayed on the Spectrum OR.

Ideal for all environments


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