CADD TPN® 5700 Infusion Pump (ea)

CADD TPN® 5700 Infusion Pump (ea)

Brand: CADD
Item Number: 5700 R
Condition: Recertified
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The CADD-TPN® Ambulatory Infusion System is designed to provide a highly portable delivery system requiring total parenteral nutrition, hydration or other high volume infusion therapies. The system helps to maximize the mobility and independence of your high volume infusion patients.


  • Ambulatory system allows patients to enjoy a more normal lifestyle
  • Versatile piggyback provides ease of mobility in or out of the home


  • Programmable immediate taper-down feature is designed for safe discontinuation of delivery in an emergency
  • Three programmable lock levels to control patient/pump interaction
  • Visual and audible alarms alert patient of system conditions that require attention


  • Pump can deliver infusion rates up to 400 ml/hr accommodating a wide range of high volume therapy options
  • Pump provides continuous infusion with tapering for flexibility of delivery
  • Keep vein open (KVO) rate is designed to maintain patency at the end of the infusion period
  • Pump is operable from three different power sources; 9-volt alkaline or lithium battery, rechargeable power pack, or wall outlet (power pack with AC adapter)


  • Quality, reliability, and dependability of CADD® pump technology
  • Administration sets with a 0.2 or 1.2 micron filter designed to eliminate air in the fluid path

Product Specification

  • Pump Resolution: 250 microliters per pump stroke (nominal)
  • Dimensions: 1.1" D x 3.5" W x 5.25"H including set plate
  • Weight: 13 oz including 9 volt battery
  • Power Source: 9 volt alkaline or lithium battery, or External Power Source
  • Pump Timing Accuracy: ±0.1%
  • System Delivery Accuracy: ±8% nominal
  • Reservoir residual volume: 0-9990 ml, in 10 ml increments
  • Infusion volume: 10-9990 ml, in 10 ml increments
  • Infusion Period: 10 minutes to 99 hours and 50 minutes (99:50), in 10 minute increments. The pump will control variations in the programming schedule to maintain the continuous rate within the range of 10-400 ml/hr.
  • Taper Up Period: 0-99 hours and 40 minutes (99:40) in 10 minute increments
  • Taper Down Period: 0-99 hours and 40 minutes (99:40) in 10 minute increments
  • Continuous Infusion Rate: 10-250 ml/hr with a 9 volt battery
  • 10-400 ml/hr with the power pack and/or AC Adapter The rate is established by the programmed values of infusion volume, infusion period, and tapering (if any).
  • Delivered Infusion Volume: 0-9990 ml, in 10 ml increments
  • Optional KVO infusion rate: 5 ml/hr
  • Pump Alarms: Low battery power pump in Stop mode internal controller, microprocessor, or pump motor fault improper delivery, power up fault, low fluid container ,volume high delivery pressure (22 ± 12 psi)


Product Brochure



- (1) 9V Battery
- User's Manual
- Letter of Re-Certification
- 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor