Burdick Atria 6100 Interpretive ECG, Refurbished

Brand: Burdick
Item Number: A61-1EI01 R
Condition: DevicesMedical DevicesRefurbished
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The BURDICK® (Cardiac Science) Atria® 6100 Interpretive ECG machine comes with a clear, readable color display to make waveform reading easy. It is a practical, no-nonsense ECG device that comes stadard with Ethernet connectivity, a user friendly interface, and protocol choices to streamline your workflow. Its enhanced technology assures high quality and accuracy while providing the flexibility needed to get the job done quickly and easily.

Part Number: A61-1EI01 (Interpretive), A61-1EK01 (Non-Interpretive), A61-1RI01 (Interpretive with wireless)
Model: Atria 6100
Manufacturer: Cardiac Science - Burdick
Application: ECG Monitor With/Without Interpretation
Display Type: Color LCD, 640 X 480
Power Source: 115/230 V AC
Battery: 14.4 V NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack

Benefits of the Burdick Atria 6100 ECG Monitor:
- Delivers the highest level of clinical accuracy
- EMR connectivity via HeartCentrix by Cardiac Science
- Large, full-color preview screens with 3-lead, 6-lead, or 12-lead display
- Ethernet communications included, Optional wireless 801.11g
- Optional interpretation based on five clinically-significant patient-demographic criteria, including pediatric interpretations
- Long-life battery allows more ECGs per single charge.

Features of the Burdick Atria 6100 ECG Monitor:
- Accessories Included: AHA Cable, Letter, 120V
- Basic Communications, Includes Ethernet, Serial, USB, and Analog Out
- Battery duration: 300 pages continuous printing without communications option
- Storage: 150 records standard
- Keyboard: Full alphanumeric keypad plus designated quick keys
- Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg) (including external power supply)
- Dimensions: 15.0" x 13.125" x 5.5" (381 x 334 x 140 mm)
- Warranty: 1-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor ( Refurbished Units)


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