Hartwell BioHoop® Collection Bag with Hook (PK/12)

Hartwell BioHoop® Collection Bag with Hook (PK/12)

Brand: Hartwell
Item Number: BH1100H
Condition: New
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The Hartwell Medical BioHoop® Collection Bag is a versatile, leak-proof bag that helps solve your waste containment needs and more. The BioHoop Collection Bag is a unique, multipurpose, wide-mouth container to dispose of emesis, urine, IV starts, blood spills, contaminated dressings and scene garbage. Also serves as a security bag for evidence and patient belongings like jewelry, eyeglasses and cell phones. A plastic strap keeps the bag open, and you simply pull the strap tight for a “leak-proof” seal. Front side is clear with volume indicators makes it easy for medical staff to view contents, backside is white opaque. Plastic hook designed for hanging on an ambulance cot side rail, a grab rail or wheelchair. Hook also has a clothing clip – no more leaving the patients glasses behind! Folds flat, accordion style, for convenient storage. 8” x 14” and holds a maximum of 3000cc.


  • Semi-rigid rim
    • Keeps the bag open, providing a large target for the patient. Bag is open and immediately ready for use.
  • Large 8” x 13” bag
    • Prevents spillage and allows for acceptance of larger biohazard waste, as well as evidence from accident scenes. Excellent size for patient's personal items like eyeglasses, cell phone, wallets, watches, etc.
  • Cinchable strap
    • Instant closure of the bag with just a pull of the strap. Cinches up tight to provide a leak-proof container/seal that won't spill over during transport.
  • Protective perimeter cuff
    • Long cuff on the exterior perimeter of the bag protects your hands from body fluids.
  • Clear front / opaque back
    • Clear front makes it easy to examine contents of the bag. White opaque backside allows EMTs to position the bag so that contents are not visible, if so desired.
  • Volume indicators
    • Easy-to-read scale on the front of the bag gives an indication of the volume at a glance.
  • Plastic hanger hook
    • Easily hang the BioHoop Bag on cot rails, grab handles, wheelchairs, hospital beds, or turnout gear pockets. Put the patient’s cell phone, jewelry or other personal items in the BioHoop and use the clothing clip to attach it to their clothes or belt, ensuring it stays with them.
  • Compact design
    • Bag and hook fold flat for storage under a cot pillow, inside a trauma or airway kit, or on standard cabinet storage shelves.
  • Made in the USA


  • Dimensions: 8” x 13”
  • Helps comply with OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910.1030