BD® Interlink™ Blunt Plastic Cannula (BX/100)

BD® Interlink™ Blunt Plastic Cannula (BX/100)

Brand: BD
Item Number: BEC303345
Condition: iv componentsNew
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Interlink System - 17G BD Blunt Plastic Cannula, 100/Box

Designed for improved performance, the BD Blunt Plastic Cannula enhances the Interlink IV Access System. The BD Blunt Plastic Cannula is a truly universal cannula, and can be used with all types of split septum IV injection sites and vials designed for needleless access. A study conducted by BD demonstrates the new BD Blunt Plastic Cannula flushes pre-slit injection sites more effectively than competitive cannulas. Flushing effectiveness was assessed by measuring removal of red blood cells from the injection sites.

  • Dual Side Ports that create turbulence for thorough flushing of injection sites.
  • Center-Point Design with tapered tip reduces insertion forces by 30% from Interlink Syringe Cannula.
  • Clear Material for enhanced visualization.