Baxter PCA II Pump, Recertified

Baxter PCA II Pump, Recertified

Brand: Baxter
Item Number: BXPCAII R
Condition: Recertified
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The Baxter PCA II Pump is a syringe infusion device capable of both continuous and intermittent infusion of parenteral fluids in a hospital setting.

The Baxter PCA II Syringe Pump offers the convenience of safe and precise Patient Controlled Analgesia in a flexible system designed with advanced technology. This is progressive, innovative, and effective pain management in a sophisticated, yet simple-to-operate, instrument.

Safety That's Built In

  • Intuitive self-prompting programming for quick setup.
  • One-hour limit and limited parameter entry help ensure patient safety and guards against programming errors.
  • Internal safety checks help minimize the risk of tampering and errors.
  • Locking syringe cover and security codes minimize unauthorized operation.

Easy To Operate

  • Standard programming routine helps reduce procedural errors and minimizes training.
  • Built-in history logs successful injections, attempts, alarms, and other operating details (dosage history available in hard copy when connected to printer).
  • Large, back-lit display easily readable even at night.

Flexibility & Convenience From Setup to Shutdown

  • Easily programmed infusion modes: PCA only, Basal plus PCA, Continuous Basal.
  • Program by milliliters or milligrams.
  • Select the syringe option to best suit your needs – prefilled syringes for convenience or standard syringes for cost savings.
  • Alternate power sources available – “D” size batteries/AC power kit.