Baxter InfusOR, Recertified

Baxter InfusOR, Recertified

Brand: Baxter
Item Number: BXINFUSOR R
Condition: Recertified
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The Baxter InfusOR® utilizes elastomeric technology to provide reliable infusion treatment while promoting patient recovery. The InfusOR® with its lightweight disposable design and discreet silent operation allows patients to continue therapy in any setting. The InfusOR® offers patients a medication delivery system that is comfortable, portable and adaptable to both their therapy and lifestyle needs. Designed to aid in many intravenous agents given during anesthetic procedures; It provides convenient delivery of narcotics, muscle relaxants, and vasoactive drugs through the SMART LABEL System. Drug delivery choices are easily selected and changed using front panel rotary switches.

A recertified Baxter InfusO.R. Syringe Pump will allow you to save money while:

Combining Accuracy with Simplicity

  • Modify dose without multiple reprogramming steps.
  • Adjust settings easily at any time during infusion.
  • Change dial settings with a single hand for an immediate response.
  • Save calculation time.
  • Minimize risk of calculation error.

Change Infusion Parameters/Rates with SMART LABELS

  • SMART LABELS are magnetically coded/drug specific.
  • Select from the available SMART Label library.

Bringing Anesthetic Versatility Wherever It's Needed

  • Proven performance in the O.R.
  • A convenient resource in outpatient surgical settings.
  • Ideal for administering drugs requiring multiple dosage adjustments.



Includes:Pole Clamp Assy, Smart Label (customer choice), Letter of Re-Certification, Operator's Guide, 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor