Baxter Extension Set with (2) Needle Injection Sites, 43" (ea)

Baxter Extension Set with (2) Needle Injection Sites, 43" (ea)

Brand: Baxter
Item Number: ACT5612
Condition: iv componentsNew
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Extension Set with (2) Needle Injection Sites, Male Luer Lock Adapter with Retractable Collar, Approximate Length 42" (1.1 m), Approximate Volume 6.6 mL. Contains Dry Natural Rubber and DEHP. Fluid path is sterile, nonpyrogenic.

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Pyrogen is any substance that causes a fever. The most commonly thought of pyrogens are bacterial endotoxins and exotoxins, although the host body (human or animal) can also produce pyrogens. The most commonly assayed for pyrogen is lipopolysaccharide, or LPS. It is a component of the bacterial wall of Gram-negative bacteria and is released upon breakdown of the cell wall or bacterial cell lysis. Pyrogen-free products are manufactured in settings that prevent the deposition of bacteria and other agents on the products.

Contains DEHP

Diethyl hexyl Phthalate, A chemical commonly used in PVC tubing; used to yield clarity and soft pliable tubing.