B Braun Outlook 100es, Recertified

B Braun Outlook 100es, Recertified

Brand: B Braun
Item Number: BBO100ES R
Condition: Recertified
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The Outlook ES Safety Infusion System is smart enough to address key safety issues, yet easy enough to deliver better patient care. Known for safety, ease of use and reliability, the Outlook ES Safety Infusion System is an extendable pump platform that can be upgraded to include additional features as the needs of your facility grow.

OUTLOOK® 100es

Safety, reliability and ease of use without compromise.
Promotes patient safety by helping to avoid accidental under or overdosing using audible & visual alerts for soft/hard dose limits.
Provides the ability to customize up to 300 drugs and 15 care areas to match your drug formulary, using the expanded DoseGuard™ drug library.
Provides reliable operation and accuracy using a proven delivery mechanism.
Provides comprehensive “at-a-glance” viewing of infusion status on a large color screen.
Promotes quick and easy drug selection using an active alphabetic drug library matrix.

OUTLOOK® 200es

Extending the Outlook ES platform starts with the Outlook 200es.
Promotes safer administration practices by using barcodes to reduce manual programming steps.
Provides greater flexibility using new imager for built-in scanner and optional handheld scanner for reading both linear and 2-D barcode formats.
Customizable configuration options allow you to enable patient ID, clinician ID and/or medication label barcodes as they are implemented with your facility.
Promotes patient and clinician safety using optional drug-specific clinician ID scans for:
– Dose limits overrides
– Bolus deliveries
– Critical medications (dual clinician scans)
Promotes integrated safety by assigning dose limits to scanned drugs

OUTLOOK® 300es& 400es

Outlook 300es Safety Infusion System
Access real-time infusion data sent wirelessly from the pump
No interruption to clinical workflow—infusion data is transmitted automatically
Save time in documentation—infusion data can be sent to EMAR or EHR

Outlook 400es Safety Infusion System
Wireless data can be used hospital-wide to improve safety, efficiency and workflow
Provides a customized solution for your institution’s infusion therapy needs
Provides rapid access to information, alarms and infusion status


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