Allied Healthcare Products AutoVent™ 4000 Transport Ventilator, Recertified

Allied Healthcare Products AutoVent™ 4000 Transport Ventilator, Recertified

Item Number: L760 R
Condition: Recertified
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Life Support Products AutoVent™ Transport Ventilator 4000

The AutoVent™ 4000 maintains the core features of the AutoVent 2000 and 3000. Pneumatic power and hard plastic case provide a sturdy, virtually unbreakable ventilator. It has the same controls for setting the clinical parameters of BPM, Tidal Volume and Inspiratory Time, but has newly added features which include an internal demand valve, anti-breath stacking, adjustable maximum airway pressure from 20 – 80 cmH2O, manual breath button, alarms and a color coded manometer gauge.

At 2.9 "x 9.6" x 6.5" and only 3.7 lbs, the AutoVent 4000 is the smallest, lightest ventilator on the market. Each AutoVent comes with the LSP Patient Valve with its bright green visual breath indicator, built-in pressure limit alarm and Intermittent Ventilation providing gas flow for spontaneous breathing patients. Made in USA.


  • Operation with HP Oxygen
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief w/Alarm
  • Adjustable Tidal Volume
  • Low Source Gas Pressure Alarm
  • Adjustable BPM
  • Manual Breath Button
  • Child and Adult Settings
  • Color-Coded Labels & Gauge for Initial Settings
  • Internal Demand Valve
  • Air Mix Mode (L761 & L762 only)
  • Manometer Readout
  • Electronic Alarm Package (L762 & L763 only)
  • Anti-Breath Stacking


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