Ambu® BlueSensor R Series, Adult (BG/25)

Ambu® BlueSensor R Series, Adult (BG/25)

Brand: Ambu
Item Number: R-00-S/25
Condition: Blue SensorElectrodes
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Ambu® BlueSensor offers a time and cost efficient range of electrodes that delivers unmatched readings, user convenience and patient comfort. BlueSensor ensures that you don’t get your workflow disrupted by false alarms or have to waste time resolving problems with electrode adhesion. The electrodes give a fast and reliable trace without the need for skin preparation, maximizing comfort for the patient.

Offset connector

  • Allows movement of the connected cable without affecting the electrode’s performance.
  • The offset connector prevents artifacts from disturbing the readout.
  • Easy attachment provides a high level of comfort for the patient and convenience for the user.

Double ring adhesive

  • The two rings secure optimal fixture and precise recordings.
  • The outer ring is for long-term wear, as adhesion increases with time. The thin and soft material allows the skin to breathe.
  • The inner ring on the polymer material “seals” the gel area and ensures an immediate, excellent adhesion.
  • Unique construction allows mounting without skin preparation and comfortable removal of the electrodes.

Wet Gel

  • Wet gel optimizes contact between skin and electrode.
  • Lowering skin impedance effectively and immediately.
  • Exact volume of wet gel is key to securing the best possible signal.

Ag/AgCl electrode

  • Pure silver filament – in contrast to carbon/silver combination.
  • Ensures excellent trace quality due to optimized conversion of the signal from biological to electrical.