Alaris Signature Edition Gold 7130, Recertified

Alaris Signature Edition Gold 7130, Recertified

Brand: Alaris
Item Number: ASE7130 R
Condition: Recertified
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Alaris® SE 7130 Gold Edition Singla Channel Infusion Pump

Large volume pump with the most comprehensive dose error reduction software

The Alaris® SE (Signature Edition) Infusion Pump is a single and dual channel stand alone large volume pump. The Alaris pump "Gold" model supports the Guardrails® Suite MX software. This is the same software that is used in our state-of-the-art Alaris System. This software is the most complete safety solution available today at the point of care for large volume infusions and helps provide unprecedented protection for caregivers and patients using a "smart" pump.

The Alaris SE pump offers advanced features including IV system monitoring. The IV monitoring system incorporates the exclusive resistance, high resistance and pressure modes, and maual baseline option. With rapid time to alarm, and the ability to filter out infusion artifacts such as flow rate variability and patient motion, the system provides real time intravenous monitoring. In addition, the Alaris SE pump offers advanced programming options like Loading dose, Multi-step, and Multi-dose. These programming options can save nursing and pharmacy time and reduce costs.

All Alaris SE pump sets feature the AccuSlide® Flow Regulator. The AccuSlide minimizes the risk of free-flow with an integrated flow stop, which automatically closes, when the set is removed.


  • Flow Rate Range: 0.1 To 999.9 Ml/Hr In 0.1 Ml/Hr Increments (Primary)
  • 1.1 To 270.0 Ml/Hr In 0.1 Ml/Hr Increments (Secondary)
  • Volume To Be Infused Range: .1 To 9999.9 Ml In 0.1 Ml Increments (Primary), .1 To 999.9 Ml In 0.1 Ml Increments (Secondary)
  • Volume Infused Range: 0.0 To 9999.9 Ml In 0.1 Ml Increments
  • Alarms: Air In Line, Battery Depleted, Channel Malfunction, Computer Link Failure, Flow Sensor Unplugged, Hold Time Exceeded, Instrument Malfunction, Key Stuck, Latch Open, No Upstream Flow Detected, Occlusion Downstream, Occlusion Upstream, Primary Flow Detected During
  • Secondary: Set Out, Set Up Time Exceeded
  • Power Requirements: 100- 120 V~,50/60 Hz, 0.5A,3-Wire Grounded System (40 Watts Max)
  • Battery: Rechargeable Nickel Cadmium. With A New, Fully Charged Battery, The Pump Will Operate For 4 Hours Nominal At 100 Ml/Hr For A Two Channel Instrument Operating On Both Channels Simultaneously.


Product Brochure



- AC Power Cord

- Pole Clamp Assy

- Operator's Guide

- Letter of Re-Certification

- 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor