Alaris Imed Gemini PC-4, Recertified

Alaris Imed Gemini PC-4, Recertified

Brand: Alaris
Item Number: IMEDPC4
Condition: Recertified
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The Imed Gemini PC-4 is a four channel volumetric infusion pump and controller which provides accurate and automatic infusion of intravascular drugs, fluids, whole blood and packed red blood cells. The four channels are independent, and the PC-4 may be operated as any combination of pump and/or controller.

Secondary (or piggyback) fluid may also be automatically infused at delivery rates and volumes independent of the primary infusion parameters, with automatic changeover to the primary infusion parameters when the secondary infusion is complete and when using a check valve administration set. 

The PC-4 can be set to run in three different operating conditions:

  • INDEPENDENT Operation - the PC-4 operates as a stand-alone instrument, with no computer interface.
  • MONITOR Operation - the PC-4 controls the infusion and a host computer monitors instrument operation.
  • COMPUTER CONTROL Operation - the PC-4 is under the control of a host computer, which sets the infusion parameters and monitors PC-4 operation.

To enhance safety and ease of operation, the PC-4 provides operator prompts and advisories, a full range of alarms, and malfunction visual and audio alerts. Also provided is a tamper-resistant option which enables the user to lock out the front panel once infusion parameters have been entered and the infusion started.

The Gemini PC-4 utilizes peristaltic action in both the pump and controller modes. When the PC-4 is operated in the controller mode, it senses the pressure created by the height of the fluid container and uses that pressure as the occlusion pressure limit. In the pump mode, the occlusion pressure limit is preset at approximately 10 psi for rates above 30 ml/hr. For rates 30 ml/hr and below, the occlusion pressure is rate-dependent to ensure rapid response to occlusions. The PC-4 may be locked into a rate-independent pump mode occlusion pressure of 10 psi, if desired. However, this will result in significantly increased time to occlusion at rates below 30 ml/hr. The selectable pressure limit mode allows the user to set the occlusion pressure limit for each channel in increments of 25mm Hg up to the maximum occlusion pressure.

The infusion rate is selectable from 0.1 ml/hr to 999 ml/hr, and the volume to be infused (VTBI) from 0.1 ml to 9999 ml. The Rate Titration feature allows the selected channel's rate to be increased or decreased 1 ml/hr or 0.1 ml/hr (if a fractional rate is displayed) with each single control press. Greater rate changes can be achieved by pressing and holding the controls until the desired rate is attained. Rates between 0.1 and 99.9 ml/hr may be selected in tenths of a milliliter increments. VTBIs between 0.1 and 999.9 ml may be selected in tenths of a milliliter increments if the rate is also in tenths. Using the System Configuration mode, the Biomedical Engineering Department can configure the maximum allowable flow rate.




- AC Power Cord

- Pole Clamp Assy

- Pole Clamp Assy

- Operator's Guide

- Letter of Re-Certification

- 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor