Adult Non-Rebreather Mask w/Vent (CS/50)

Brand: Generic
Item Number: MESBC-25059
Condition: New
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The Non-Rebreather Oxygen Masks with Vent are designed for efficient oxygen delivery while preventing the rebreathing of exhaled gases. These masks feature a low-resistance check valve that not only ensures proper oxygen flow but also allows exhaled gas to escape.

An added convenience is that they can be attached directly to the flowmeter, eliminating the need for an adapter. For safety and flexibility, there's a vent that allows room air entrainment. An adjustable nose clip ensures a comfortable fit for patients of all sizes. Each mask comes complete with a 7-foot oxygen supply tubing, a 750 mL reservoir bag, and a universal tubing connector. These masks are essential for effective oxygen therapy.


  • Non-rebreathing
  • Safety vent
  • Check valve
  • 7 feet of oxygen supply tubing
  • Adjustable noseclip
  • Clear, soft vinyl construction
  • Latex-free
  • Single use
  • Individually packed