Abbott Hospira GemStar, Recertified

Abbott Hospira GemStar, Recertified

Item Number: 102957-01 R
Condition: Recertified
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GemStar™ Infusion System

Differentiated and Comprehensive Ambulatory Infusion

From pain management to ambulatory infusions and anywhere in between, the GemStar™ Infusion System was specifically designed to improve safety across complex infusions.

Three clearly differentiated GemStar devices provide versatility through extensive customization to meet the specific needs of specialty infusion applications — all while providing one user interface for programming familiarity.


The GemStar® line of products offers three models for I.V., arterial or epidural infusion for I.V. fluid, medications nutritional fluids and blood/blood products. These versatile infusers are compact and portable and can be used in the hospital, home care environments or ambulatory applications.

The GemStar® infusion pumps provide single channel administration of up to seven different therapies. These rugged units are built on lightweight aluminum frames protected with color-coded bumpers making them durable and easily recognized.


The GemStar® Infusion System provides each care setting with the controls and flexibility to help reduce errors and enhance clinical practices. Each unit can be set up with custom configurations to conform to a facility's drug administration protocols yet still provide the flexibility to tailor each therapy to specific clinical needs.


At Hospira, patient safety is a primary consideration and the GemStar® units provide enhanced security features with four keypad lockouts, free flow protection and mandatory confirmation screens.

Help prevent line mix-ups with differentiated devices

  • Uniquely sized and color coded for quick identification
  • Color coding differentiates devices by therapy
  • Reduce the risk of line confusion at the point of care

Improve workflow with customizable devices

  • Highly configurable with up to seven therapies
  • Simple, menu-driven programming with numeric keypad
  • The ability to customize devices to simplify programming

Simplify safety with built-in features

  • Four keypad lockouts
  • Enhancing free-flow protection — with integrated cassette technology
  • Mandatory confirmation screens
  • Portable, rugged design certified by the USAARL* for use in helicopters

Further enhancing safety, GemStar™ SP safety suite software gives you the ability to create and download device-specific configurations and hospital-defined protocols directly to GemStar devices.




- AC Charger
- Bolus Cord
- Operator's Guide
- Letter of Re-Certification
- 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor