3M™ Red Dot™ Electrode, 50 Per Bag, 20 Bags per Case (CS/1,000)

3M™ Red Dot™ Electrode, 50 Per Bag, 20 Bags per Case (CS/1,000)

Brand: 3m
Item Number: 2330
Condition: New
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The 3M™ Diaphoretic Foam Monitoring Electrode has features that can’t be beat. The adhesive is unmatched in it’s shelf life and adhesion to the skin. The diaphoretic adhesive provides superior adhesion to the patients skin even in moist conditions. Better adhesion equals better traces. This electrode also comes with 3M™ SureSeal Cap Seal technology. This prevents early product dryout even when it has been out of the bag for 30 days, increasing it’s shelf life. The patented solid gel conforms to the patients skin quickly allowing for high-quality, uninterrupted traces. Also the patented gel has a low chloride content which helps minimize skin irritation for superior patient comfort. Easily remove the foam backing for easy patient application.

  • 2.2” x 2”
  • Unmatched Adhesive
  • Fresh Adhesive, Out of Bag, for Up to 30 Days
  • Patented Gel for Accurate Readings and Less Skin Irritation
  • Foam Backing is Easily Removed
  • Adult
  • 50 Per Bag, 20 Bags per Case