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Rent Smart… Rent from ENVI!

Can you predict your patient census tomorrow?
The truth is… no one truly can!

When patient census fluctuates and cash flow gets tight; RentSmart! Our RentSmart program was specifically tailored to meet the most unpredictable demands of tomorrow. It’s simple; by utilizing our RentSmart Program we can eliminate the high acquisition cost of capital medical equipment and lower your bottom line. Stop paying for under-utilized, unnecessary equipment and significantly lower your operating cost and drive profits. Rent only the equipment you NEED and add value to your business!


  • Creative & Flexible Financial Options
  • Huge In-Stock Inventory of Movable Medical Equipment
  • Rent-To-Own (RTO) Option
  • Broad Range of Equipment & Service Offerings; Hospital, EMS, Air Medical
  • Asset Management Program
  • FREE Service/PM’s on Movable Medical Equipment Rentals
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