PADs Program

Public Access Defibrillation Services

Be a hero… Save a life!

Are you a school, university or public access facility? If so, are you compliant with your state’s AED regulations? AED stands for Automated External Defibrillation; the only effective treatment for restoring a regular heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest. This easy-to-operate tool can be used by someone with no medical background and has become as common in public spaces as a fire extinguisher. Whether you’re an elementary school, health club, airport, shopping mall or church, take a stand against cardiac arrest which takes nearly 450,000 unexpected lives each year.

Our PADS® (Public Access Defibrillation Services) Program was designed with you in mind. Our customizable program will be designed to fit your specific needs! From deploying AED’s to managing and supplying your AED accessories; our comprehensive service program will keep your AED’s and accessories working; keeping you, your staff, and those who visit your facilities safe!


Why choose our PADS® Program

  • Most trusted source for AED supplies and service
  • Stay compliant with your state’s AED requirments
  • Eliminate liability
  • Flexible service and payment options
  • Keep you, your staff and your attendees safe from the unpredictable


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