Zoll E-Series, Refurbished

Zoll E-Series, Refurbished

Brand: ZOLL
Item Number: ZOLEB12CSN
Condition: Monitors/DefibrillatorsRecertifiedZoll
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Refurbished E-Series w/12-Lead, Pacing, AED, Spo2, NIBP and ETCo2

Picture is for illustration only. Unit will be equipped as stated in title above. Many other configurations are available as well

The Zoll E Series comes with Rectilinear Biphasic waveform technology. This cardiac monitor can be configured for any situation from a hospital crash cart to complex monitor for EMS setting. The Zoll E Series can have the following features:

• ZOLL's Real CPR Help®, which measures chest compressions and rate and depth in real time, and provides visual and optional audible feedback. All CPR data can be recorded and reviewed using RescueNet Code Review software.

• See-Thru CPR®, unique to ZOLL, which allows CPR artifact to be filtered, letting you see organized rhythms without pausing compressions.

• New innovative roll cage design and shape.

• EasyRead Tri-Mode Display™ screen for use in both pitch darkness or direct sunlight.

• A new Rapid Cable Deployment™ System for faster deployment.

• Built-in GPS clock, allowing users to synchronize dispatch, defibrillator, and intervention call times, improving overall data